The Lumos Deluxe Resort Hotel Alanya. Antalya. Türkiye. |

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• We, as the Lumos Deluxe Resort Hotel, in our accommodation service facilities which we manage with a customer focused approach, provide the customers communication opportunities with which they can forward their expectations, complaints, suggestions and commendation and we pay attention our customers’ suggestions. We apply the best compensation methods for ensuring maximum customer satisfaction by taking into consideration all legal rules, tourism regulation rules, and most importantly human centered ethical rules and the documented rules of our facility and we evaluate customer feedbacks and provide solutions.

•We manage the process of the acquiring, identifying, analyzing customer complaints in line with principles of transparency, accessibility, accountability, objectivity and privacy with a customer centered approach and we use this information and experience to ensure continuous development.

• In order to improve the quality our goods and services and attain perfection, we continuously improve our processes by benefiting primarily from feedbacks from customers and employees and other partners and by using all necessary resources.