The Lumos Deluxe Resort Hotel Alanya. Antalya. Türkiye. |

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• Our staff which understands and serves to meet and go beyond the expectations of our customers commit themselves to applying the best quality management types in our facilities.

• Our facility which integrates the technology in the best way, provides the fastest and most accurate solutions to all our customers through professionals along with the best quality and comfort.

• Our hotel management encourages active participation of all personnel to the Quality Management System; for this purpose it provides an environment where they can develop their knowledge and skills, efficiency and creativity and team work.

• Our facility, which brings together professionals, follows a policy of increasing the quality of the staff by being selective in personnel recruitment process and by employing professionally trained personnel which can contribute.

• We continuously develop our Quality Management System by implementing in our work and environment the policies which have proven their success, as we take into consideration feedbacks from customers and the employees.